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Made in America
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Made in America
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Proudly Made in America Since 1898
Made in America
Since 1898
Made in America
Since 1898

Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Team Dual" Trike SBST-3CB-HB (Most Popular Version)

Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Team Dual" Trike SBST-3CB-HB (Most Popular Version)
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The Team Dual Trike is perfect all riders, from physically challenged / companion situations, to the stylish retirees and resort rental fleets. THREE SPEEDS for each rider. Coaster and Drum Brakes.

Side By Side Team Dual Trike SBST-3CB-HB (3 Speed) with dual coaster brake (foot) and front Drum Brake. 3 gears allow each rider to choose the speed (gear) that is right for them. Thickly padded and Super Comfortable High Back Captain's shown are standard equipment. Optional Swivel Down Armrests (shown)are highly recommended for added support and comfort. The Side by Side Team Dual Trike is fun, functional and built to last. Ships 99% fully assembled via truck (handlebar, stem and seats must be adjusted and tightened , reflectors and basket must be attached.

Shown above is 3 speed version racing red, optional swivel-down armrests, optional white wall tires, and megahorn.

Side by Side - Frequently Asked Questions

Dual Trike Factoids: Overall Width 44.5", Maximum Recommended Weight Capacity 600 Pounds. Seat Height from Ground 26.75", Seat Width 18.5", Seat Back Height 13.5" (Thickly Padded High Back Seats). The Worksman Team Dual Side by Side Tricycle is simply a wonderful product that tens of thousands of riders enjoy each year. Join this Fun Club!

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Product Name: Side by Side Team Dual Trike Model THREE SPEED version SBST-3CB-HB
Frame Description: One-Piece Fully Welded Steel Frame, 14G 2 Oversized main frame with reinforced Gusseted 12 G cross axle rear, with dual welded Seat Support tracks
Rims: Exclusive WTC Industrial Clincher Rims with rolled edge. 50% thicker material then other bicycle rims.
Spokes: 11G (.120) Heavy Duty 36/wheel
Front Wheel: 20x2.125 Industrial Grade with integrated Automotive Style Drum Brake
Rear Wheel(s):24x 2.125 Industrial Grade
Hand Lever: Heavy Duty Ergonomic Brake lever with parking brake function located on steering tiller
Tires: WTC Sup-R-Tires, Diamond Tread. Kevlar Belted Tires, or White Wall Tires available as upgrades
Front Brake: Automotive Style Drum Brake (Hand Activated)
Rear Brake: DUAL Shimano Nexus THREE SPEED Coaster brake with dual sprockets(Foot Activated). Each Rider has braking ability
Gearing: Standard; Dual THREE Gears with Dual Action Handlebar Mounted Thumb Shifters located on Steering Tiller. Each Rider can select the gear they desire.
Rear Axles: Dual 7/8 machined steel axles with Woodruff Key Drive System
Rear Axle bearings: FOUR Industrial Hanger Bearings with Heavy Duty Support plates
SEAT: DUAL 12 High Back Captains Seat 18 widex13 Deep x13 High thickly padded with Steel Base Pan and drainage holes. Adjustable back and forth on track . Each Rider can set the seat position independently. Swivel Down Armrests are optional. If you choose a single set of armrests, they are positioned on the outside of each seat. If two sets are ordered, each seat has an inside and outside rest. Armrests are strongly recommended for added support, comfort and safety.
Cranks: Dual One Piece forged crank 6.5
Front Sprockets: 32T 3/16" thick
Rear Axle Sprocket: Dual 20T welded onto Industrial Bushing
Chains: 1/2"x3/16
Pedals: 1/2" Resin Pedal with Boron Axle
Handlebar Tiller : Adjustable steering tiller can be tilted to adjust height. Steers side to side.
Grips: Extra Comfort High Density Foam
Rear Carrier: Wire Basket 18x13x6
OAL: 73
OAW: 44.5"
Carrying Capacity: 600 Lbs**
Rider Size: Range of rider sizes from appx 50- 62 "
Factory Location: Ozone Park, NY USA

Many upgrades and choices are available to customize your Worksman Team Dual Trike.

**Notes about Carrying Capacities: While other companies put unfounded inflated weight capacity figures based upon no facts, we at Worksman Cycles actually put weight capacities far less than the true capabilities of the cycles, as we take into consideration not only what the cycle will be able to hold, but what is a safe operational weight. Worksman Industrial Tricycles are simply more durable than other brands and have a 100+ year track record to prove it.

Side By Side
Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Team Dual" Trike SBST-3CB-HB (Most Popular Version)
Average rating:
29 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Team Dual" Trike SBST-3CB-HB (Most Popular Version)
Good trike bad tires
So far the trike has been great with the exception of the tires. I don't understand why you put all of that fine American Worksmanship into a product and then put cheap tires and tubes on it. I had flats on both back tires. When replacing the tubes, I could not get the new tubes to stay inside tires when airing back up so I have replaced both the back tires with a Specialized 24 X 2.125 . Since the replacement I have not had any problems with flats.

Another disappointment was the $95.00 footrest add on. I really don't think it was worth $95.00.

Other than those two items everything else seems great! I take a friend that had a stroke and is paralyzed on the left side out 2 to 4 times a week. He was having problems with weight gain because the nursing home will not limit his food intake. Since he has started riding he has lost almost 25 pounds. We have a long way to go but the Trike has been a real blessing. It is exactly was I was looking for regardless of the tires.
Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Team Dual" Trike SBST-3CB-HB (Most Popular Version)
If you are looking to get out of the house and get a bit of a workout, this is the bicycle for you. My wife and I love it.
As for the workout: I'ts not too much but keep in mind it's a heavy well built machine so it will keep you in shape.
Personally I would recommend the 3 speed option. I couldn't imagine using it with only one speed. If it were available as a 6 speed that would be great. The thought behind 6 speed would be a higher maximum speed. Once you get comfortable driving it, a higher max speed would be awesome.
Also, get at least one set of outside armrests. Nice to have a place to rest your outside arm.
If you have a 16lb or smaller puppy who can sit still in a puppy dog bed, the included basket in the rear is perfect.
We were recently in Charleston SC and saw one riding down the road. Looked pretty cool.
Kind of like driving a DeLorean. I would know first hand : )
Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Team Dual" Trike SBST-3CB-HB (Most Popular Version)
Worksman Team Trike
The Worksman Team Trike is exactly what I was hoping to find to help my mom (and ME) get more exercise. My father passed away last summer and I moved in with my mother to care for her and her health has improved tremendously in the past year. However, I wasn't getting very much exercise during our slow paced walks around a block or two. Now we can both get exercise and she can take a break when needed. The electric motor is a godsend and I'm REALLY glad I added that option. It's come in handy when we need just a little boost now and then. We were missing locknuts on the crankshafts when the trike arrived but Worksman was great in sending these parts quickly. I can't recommend this trike enough and Workman's customer service is awesome.
Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Team Dual" Trike SBST-3CB-HB (Most Popular Version)
Love Our Trike
Being the owner of a single-seat adult trike, there was no question that we were going to love the dual-team trike - and we do. Sadly, however, it was the time leading up to delivery that was problematic. When we first called to clarify details on the trike, we were told the wait time was three to four weeks. When we actually ordered the trike, the confirmation said four to five weeks. In actuality, however, it took seven weeks - and it would have been longer. It appears Worksman failed to provide the transport company with our phone number so they could not set-up delivery. We did finally receive the trike, however - and I'd recommend it to anyone. Definitely get the 3-speed model, though. Don't think we could pedal up hill without it!
Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Team Dual" Trike SBST-3CB-HB (Most Popular Version)
Mardi Gras Trike
First of all, the working staff provided excellant service & communications during my purchasing process. We bought this trike to serve as our "float" during the Chewbacchus Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans and it performed way beyond expectations. The overall lightness of the trike made it really easy to load up and transport to our parade sight, and the manueverability was astounding during the parade. We are so pleased with this trike and will be using it for all the other New Orleans events where bike floats are encouraged. Next year you won't be able to see the trike under the starship we will building around it, but we'll be letting who asks know what's under all the decorations and where we got it from!
Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Team Dual" Trike SBST-3CB-HB (Most Popular Version)
Fairly pleased
I am extremely pleased with the quality of the bike. I've only had it for one week but have enjoyed it almost every day. The delivery was quoted to ship in 5 weeks and it didn't ship until the 8th week. I sent an email asking on the 7th week asking when the unit would ship and did not get a reply. On the 8th week I called and the receptionist acted like she had no idea that an email was sent but the unit has shipped that day. The directions for putting the basket on could be improved as well as the charging instructions. But over all I am VERY pleased with the bike. My husband has pulmonary fibrosis so the electric assist is a high asset for us and the canopy turned out to be a benefit as well.
Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Team Dual" Trike SBST-3CB-HB (Most Popular Version)
Nice trike!
I really like our new trike. We took it camping, towed it on a trailer behind my RV. Works well on the level but hills are a challange.I ordered it two months ago and about a month ago I asked to get it delivered with out the electric motor because the motor was back ordered. I was glad to have it for our camping trip labor day weekend. Still waiting for the motor. Looks like we won't get it any time soon. I could probably get by without the motor if it had a few more gears than three. Over all it is a well built machine. Don't order the cup holders as they do not fit on the bike.
Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Team Dual" Trike SBST-3CB-HB (Most Popular Version)
Great Trike
I want to thank everyone at Workman for making such a fantastic trike. My daughter is an adult with disabilities and this trike gives us a chance to enjoy riding together. It is a strong, heavy duty trike and thanks for making it my daughter's favorite color...pink! We plan on taking it camping with us to ride in the campgrounds. The one thing that I would like to point out to others who are looking at this trike is the weight. Since it is such a heavy duty trike, it weighs quite a bit. You will need a ramp to load it into a truck or trailer.
Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Team Dual" Trike SBST-3CB-HB (Most Popular Version)
Excellent company, excellent product.
Weld and parts quality is certainly worthy of their history from 1898.
This is plain old American ingenuity and quality.
Common sense engineering.
I had a coaster brake modification and AL hooked me up instantly.
He understood the issue and sent parts same day.
1 improvement would to be make them fit easier for us 6'@' plus folks

These people are building quality product with tremendous pride.
You need distribution. There are a lot of folks that would love your bikes.
Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Team Dual" Trike SBST-3CB-HB (Most Popular Version)
Beautiful Bike
We ordered this tandem bike in a bright blue and it looks great. All of the extra items for a client with disabilities work very well. The bike is smooth and easy to pedal.
The only complaint we have is how it was shipped. It was shipped in a large box with a lot of little pieces to put together (as expected), but without any instructions. In addition, some of the bolts and bars were not packed very well and rubbed holes in the canvas cover we got for the bike.
Other than that, it looks great, it works great and it's a lot of fun!

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You will receive an email within 48 hours to inform you of the shipping charges and overall total for your order.


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