"Oldest American Bike Factory Cycles On" (video) - NY CITY LENS (3/24/16)

Worksman Establishes Horry County, South Carolina Operations - SC Department of Commerce (9/16/15)

The Making of a Worksman Retro Classic Cruiser (video) From FYI's "Home Factory" (6/6/15)

NY Daily News: A Delicious Dive Into The History of The New York City Hotdog Cart (3/18/15)

Made in NYC: Hidden Factories Still Manufacturing Products in the City (10/9/14)

"Everything Goes In Cycles" - Industrial Maintenance and Plant Operation (Oct. 2014 Issue)

The Laura Ingraham Radio Show: Wayne Sosin of Worksman Cycles discusses the state of American manufacturing in this live interview (4/7/14)

CNN Money: Meet America's Oldest Bike Maker (3/24/14)

MoMA's 'Destination: NYC' 200 Products Designed in City, Incl. Worksman Cycles (5/14/13)

The WSJ: As Bikes of Burden Rise, One Company Peddles Slowly to the Revolution (2/20/13)

MU launches new Mizzou Bike Share program (8/27/12)

PR Newswire: New Members to be Inducted into Made in USA Hall of Fame (7/3/12)

NY Daily News: Worksman Cycles Wheels Out New Military-Themed Bike to Benefit Wounded Warrior Project (4/12/12)

The Queens Courier: Ozone Park Company Launches Cycles to Benefit Wounded Warriors (4/11/12)

N.Y.U. Bike Share On A Roll (3/29/12)

Business Insider: WATCH - One Of America's Last Bicycle Manufacturers Is Still Going Strong After 113 Years (1/13/12)

Fayette County Record - Bikers Give Preacher A Helping Hand (8/30/11)

NYTimes - Redefining the Hot Dog, a Cart at a Time (8/10/11)

UMass Amherst - QDig wheels: Bike Share to get underway (8/8/11)

Queens' Worksman Cycles keep pedaling their wares for 113 years and counting (6/23/11)

Cycle Maker Working to Share His Bikes with City (2/8/11)

Queens bike maker seeks big leg up: Longtime supplier in race for citywide contract; will deep local roots help? (1/30/11)

Manufacturing the dream: Game changing new production (12/6/10)

THIS IS WAR - Helping the War Effort One Ride at a Time(3/28/10)

The High Line Blog - M&O’s New Worksman Trikes!(12/9/09)

New York Times Small Business in the Economic Crisis(9/28/09)

Queens Zoo to Replace Fleet of Golf Carts with Tricycles(8/27/09)

Small Business: Where Things Stand (ABC World News, 9/17/09)

Career Change: Hot Dog Vendor (ABC News, 5/22/09)

Letter from NYC Mayor Bloomberg (1/27/09)

NPR Article (11/17/08)

Worksman Goes Green (3/10/08)

Crain's - Bicycle Maker Outlasts Rivals (6/9/08)

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