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While we have built our reputation by manufacturing the toughest, most durable industrial bicycles and Industrial tricycles in the world, we realize that not every cycle “punches in” at the factory each day. So here at Worksman, we continuously strive to bring all our knowledge about building the most durable, reliable and value-packed cycles to create a full-line of consumer specialty cycles. In some cases we even find products made by other respected companies to offer to our customers looking for that special niche item.

Just like our legendary Industrial Cycles, we understand that “one size never fits all” and therefore we are proud to offer a full range of specialty cycles each filling a specific need.

Whether it is a fun family vehicle, a unique recreational/fitness cycle or an adaptive cycle for our friends with special needs, you can be sure that it will be 100% “Worksman Approved” and will deliver outstanding service and value for years.