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Proudly Made in America* Since 1898
Made in America*
Since 1898
Made in America*
Since 1898
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Proudly Made in America* Since 1898
Made in America*
Since 1898
Made in America*
Since 1898

Worksman Mover(TM) Industrial Tricycle M2620-3CB-STR

Worksman Mover(TM) Industrial Tricycle M2620-3CB-STR
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The global standard in heavy duty industrial trikes, with big 26 inch front wheel, 20 inch rear wheels, and a THREE SPEED coaster brake.

3 Speed Stretched Mover Industrial Tricycle w/ 26" Front and 20" Rear Wheels, front drum and rear coaster brake. Stretched Movers feature a 38 x 26" rear steel platform mounted to automotive type leaf springs. Ideal for carrying bulky items. Shown here is Stretched Mover with Optional Steel Mag Welded Rear Wheels and M17350J Jumbo Cabinet. The New Standard for large cargo Industrial Tricycles. Worksman Mover(tm) Tricycles are proudly Made in the USA. Now ALL Worksman Mover tricycles are available with Electric Hub Drive Power On Demand system for those who need a little boost or are traveling great distances. See Options menu. Ships Via Truck 85% assembled.

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Product Name: Mover Industrial Tricycle M2620-3CB-STR
Frame Description: One-Piece Stretched Fully Welded Steel Frame, 14G 2 Oversized main frame with reinforced Gusseted 12 G cross axle rear
Rims: Exclusive WTC Industrial Clincher Rims with rolled edge. 50% thicker material than other bicycle rims. Aluminum Upgrade available
Spokes: 11G (.120) Heavy Duty 36/wheel
Front Wheel: 26x2.125 Industrial Grade with integrated Automotive Style Drum Brake
Rear Wheel(s):20x 2.125 Industrial Grade
Hand Lever: Heavy Duty Ergonomic Brake lever with parking brake function
Tires: WTC Sup-R-Tires, Diamond Tread. Kevlar Belted Tires or Nev-R-Fail WTC Airless Technology Tires available as upgrades
Front Brake: Automotive Style Drum Brake (Hand Activated)
Rear Brake: Shimano Nexus THREE SPEED Coaster brake with dual sprockets(Foot Activated)with dual action Handelbar mounted shifter
Gearing: Standard; THREE Gears with Dual Action Handlebar Mounted Thumb Shifter
Rear Axle: 7/8 machined steel axle with Woodruff Key Drive System
Rear Axle bearings: Dual Industrial Hanger Bearings with Heavy Duty Support plates and Center Axle Support Bearing
Saddle: 12 wide thickly padded with Steel Base Pan
Crank: One Piece forged crank
Front Sprocket: 36T 3/16" thick
Rear Axle Sprocket: 20T welded onto Industrial Bushing
Chain: 1/2"x3/16
Pedals: 1/2" Resin Pedal with Boron Axle
Handlebar: Jr. Highrise (9 Rise)
Grips: Extra Comfort Ergonomic
Rear Carrier: Heavy Duty 38x26" Steel Platform with 3" lip, Optional Cargo Baskets and Enclosed Cabinets Available
Rear Platform Suspension: Platform is mounted onto dual automotive type elliptical leaf springs
OAL: 82
OAW: 37"
Carrying Capacity: 500 Lbs**

Many upgrades and choices are available to customize your Worksman Industrial Tricycle.

**Notes about Carrying Capacities: While other companies put unfounded inflated weight capacity figures based upon no facts, we at Worksman Cycles actually put weight capacities far less than the true capabilities of the cycles, as we take into consideration not only what the cycle will be able to hold, but what is a safe operational weight. Worksman Industrial Tricycles are simply more durable than other brands and have a 100+ year track record to prove it. Specifications subject to change without notice

Worksman Mover(TM) Industrial Tricycle M2620-3CB-STR
Average rating:
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Featured positive reviews:

Worksman Mover(TM) Industrial Tricycle M2620-3CB-STR
Worksman Mover Industrial Tricycle M2620-3CB-STR
The purchase and delivery of our tricycle went smoothly. the issue really is that there was a short with the wiring to the power relay/display. It took some time to figure out what was happening. when we called and spoke with a rep. we learned that this was a pretty common issue. Nowhere was this written in the materials or information provided and it seems like if this is a common problem with the electric assist parts/wiring, that there would be an effort to solve/correct this problem. I'm just glad we figured this out ahead of time and created a hack-work around solution. It is not an ideal situation but it works. I don't want to have to purchase new wiring/power display when it fried before we could even get the tricycle on the road.

In general, the bike is solid and serves our needs.
Worksman Mover(TM) Industrial Tricycle M2620-3CB-STR
We are a steel faricator with a 5 buildings complex. it's used mainly for or janitorial department transporting supplies etc from building to building.
It was the best bike for our needs. With a heavy duty frame, a 3 speed gearbox with optional chain gearing options for our incline ramps, and most of all the extended bike lenght that gave us the larger bed size we needed.
hands down best bike in my opinion for the money....best of all..MADE IN THE USA !!!!

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