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Proudly Made in America* Since 1898 *using high quality domestic and imported parts
Made in America*
Since 1898
Made in America*
Since 1898

*using high quality
domestic and imported parts

Factory Direct Store
Proudly Made in America* Since 1898
Made in America*
Since 1898
Made in America*
Since 1898

*using high quality
domestic and imported parts


Worksman Personal Activity STRETCH Low Rider - PALR-3CB-STR

Worksman Personal Activity STRETCH Low Rider - PALR-3CB-STR
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Low Profile three wheel beauty. Ultimate sport, durable STRETCHED FRAME three wheeler, with 20x3" WIDE tires, THREE SPEED coaster brake and drum brake

The all new for 2012 Low Rider PAV STRETCH THREE Speed Chopper Trike.

Worksman recently introduced the newest member of the Personal Activity Vehicle Family, the sleek new PA-LR series Low Rider Version. AND NOW THE NEW STRETCH VERSION!

For riders ranging from 5'8"-6-6", this incredibly sleek looking trike is built just like our Personal Activity Vehicle (PAV3), but with a lower profile, lower seat position, 20" wheels all around and 20x3" Extra Wide Rear "Chopper" tires. This trike is incredible. Aggressive lines, super heavy-duty, incredibly comfortable and tons of fun. Front Drum Brake and Rear Coaster Brake make stopping sure and true. Exclusive Worksman Clincher rims, 11g spokes, 7/8" machined axle make this vehicle truly "Worksman Tough". The supportive high back padded seat is fully adjustable so riders from 5'5"-6'6" tall will find this cycle to be a good choice. Note: There is no rear basket on this model. The weight capacity of 550 pounds, tells you all you need to know about the durable Worksman design. The recumbent ergonomics makes this trike perfect for anyone. Whether for flat-out fun or therapy, The new Worksman Low Rider sets a new standard.

All Pav trikes ship 99% assembled via Truck.

Factoids: Weight Capacity 550 Pounds. Height of seat surface from Ground 18.5". Key Seat Dimensions 18.5" wide, back is 13.5" high. Cool Factor; infinite

The All New Stretch PALRSTR-CB. Cool Riders Wanted.

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Product Name: Personal Activity Vehicle STRETCH LOW RIDER Model PALR-3CB-STR THREE Speed
Frame Description: One-Piece Fully Welded Steel Frame, 14G 2 Oversized main frame with reinforced Gusseted 12 G cross axle rear, with welded Seat Support
Seat height from Ground; 20"
Rims: Exclusive WTC Industrial Clincher Rims with rolled edge. 50% thicker material than other bicycle rims. Aluminum Upgrade available
Spokes: 11G (.120) Heavy Duty 36/wheel
Front Wheel: 20x2.125 Industrial Grade with integrated Automotive Style Drum Brake
Rear Wheel(s):20x 2.125 Industrial Grade
Hand Lever: Heavy Duty Ergonomic Brake lever with parking brake function
Tires: Rear 20x3.0 super wide tack tires Front 20x2.25" with Flame Emboss
Front Brake: Automotive Style Drum Brake (Hand Activated)
Rear Brake: Shimano Nexus THREE SPEED Coaster brake with dual sprockets(Foot Activated)
Gearing: Standard; THREE Gears, controlled by dual action shifter mounted on handlebar-steering tiller.
Rear Axle: 33.75x7/8 machined steel axle with Woodruff Key Drive System
Rear Axle bearings: Dual Industrial Hanger Bearings with Heavy Duty Support plates and Center Axle Support Bearing
SEAT: 12 High Back Captains Seat 18 widex13 Deep x13 High thickly padded with Steel Base Pan and drainage holes. Slides on track for adjustment back and forth. Swivel Down Armrests Optional.
Crank: One Piece forged crank 6.5
Front Sprocket: 36T 3/16" thick
Rear Axle Sprocket: 20T welded onto Industrial Bushing
Chain: 1/2"x3/16
Pedals: 1/2" Resin Pedal with Boron Axle
Handlebar Tiller : Adjustable steering tiller can be tilted to adjust height. Steers side to side.
Grips: Extra Comfort High Density Foam
Rear Carrier: None
OAL: 82
OAW: 33.75"
Carrying Capacity: 600 Lbs**
Shipping Weight on pallet 195 lbs
Rider Size: Personal Activity Vehicles have adjustable seats that slide back and forth for rider comfort. The Standard Low Riders are for riders from 4.6" to 5'7". 5'7"-6.6" Riders should purchase this Stretch version."
Factory Location: Ozone Park, NY USA

Many upgrades and choices are available to customize your Worksman PAV.

**Notes about Carrying Capacities: While other companies put unfounded inflated weight capacity figures based upon no facts, we at Worksman Cycles actually put weight capacities far less than the true capabilities of the cycles, as we take into consideration not only what the cycle will be able to hold, but what is a safe operational weight. Worksman Industrial Tricycles are simply more durable than other brands and have a 100+ year track record to prove it. Riders over 300 pounds should order with Puncture Resistant tubes, Kevlar Tires and Precision Sealed Crank Set.

Under Construction
Worksman Personal Activity STRETCH Low Rider - PALR-3CB-STR
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Featured positive reviews:

Worksman Personal Activity STRETCH Low Rider - PALR-3CB-STR
Is it worth it?
After owning this trike for over a year, I can honestly say it is the most comfortable human propelled craft I've ever ridden. I am a tall guy 6 foot 9 inch, and around 520lbs when I started riding, it easily handled me without any problems. Be warned though, people will notice you. It's hard to ride without the periodic "nice bike" from time to time from onlookers.

Very comfortable, you can ride for hours at a time... Easy to mount and dismount, the low seating is nice if you have back issues... The 3 speed gearbox is great for hills, must have...

lack of rear fenders makes for wet elbows if you hit some puddles, but the cool tires make up for that, nearly... The back axle rusted quickly, so hit it with some paint or rust inhibitor right away... The front wheel is a little fiddly to take on and off, I suggest getting some "slime" for the tire, along with the factory tire liner...

TLDR like it a lot, needs a little refining like any new model but quite good over all
Worksman Personal Activity STRETCH Low Rider - PALR-3CB-STR
Tired Knees
I am pleased with my Worksman Personal Activity STRETCH Low Rider - PALR-3CB-STR.I purchased this to exercise my tired knees in addition to swimming.My only unhappiness is that it only has 3 speeds.I take my sons dog while riding and its a struggle to keep up with him and wife on a ten speed.I do hope there will be an option for a greater gear ratio in the near future...

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