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Proudly Made in America* Since 1898 *using high quality domestic and imported parts
Made in America*
Since 1898
Made in America*
Since 1898

*using high quality
domestic and imported parts

Factory Direct Store
Proudly Made in America* Since 1898
Made in America*
Since 1898
Made in America*
Since 1898

*using high quality
domestic and imported parts


Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Electric Lightning " Trike SBST-3CB-HB - LIGHTNING Electric

Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Electric Lightning " Trike SBST-3CB-HB - LIGHTNING Electric
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It's ELECTRIC!! The Team Dual Trike is perfect all riders, from physically challenged/companion situations, to the stylish retirees and resort rental fleets. THREE SPEEDS for each rider. Coaster and Drum Brakes.


Pedal or Power
Join the thousands of families who've discovered the Independence, Freedom, Liberty and fun riding together, side by side. Side By Side Team Dual Trike SBST-3CB-HB (3 Speed) with dual coaster brake (foot) and front caliper Brake. 3 gears allow each rider to choose the speed (gear) that is right for them. Thickly padded and Super Comfortable High Back Captain's shown are standard equipment. Armrests shown are standard equipment on the Lightning Side by Side for added comfort. The Side by Side Team Dual Trike is fun, functional and built to last. Ships 99% fully assembled via truck (handlebar, stem and seats must be adjusted and tightened , reflectors and basket must be attached. Powerful front 800 W Hub Drive Motor(imported) is controlled on demand by a handlebar mounted throttle. Fully dynamic dashboard which is programmable. Indicates speed, battery life and much more. Standard with 48V 10AH Lithium Ion Battery(imported) with integrated tail light.

Worksman Cycles are proudly made in our new South Carolina Factory using imported and domestic components. Worksman Cycles....Since 1898 Now available with Lithium Ion Battery Choices. See options section. Side by Side - Frequently Asked Questions

Dual Trike Factoids: Overall Width 44.5", Maximum Recommended Weight Capacity 600 Pounds. Seat Height from Ground 26.75", Seat Width 18.5", Seat Back Height 13.5" (Thickly Padded High Back Seats). The Worksman Team Dual Side by Side Tricycle is simply a wonderful product that tens of thousands of riders enjoy each year. Join this Fun Club! __________________________________________________________________________________ >p> For those situations where the right side rider may have difficulty controlling pedals, we offer a new option called the N21 Freewheel option, shown in the option list. This is the upgrade to add a freewheel sprocket to a SBST on the right side axle. We install the fixed drive sprocket and freewheel sprocket, but the short chain is hooked up only to the freewheel. When you backpedal on that side, the pedals simply go backwards and does not apply a coaster brake. This is very helpful in special needs applications when a RIDER would accidentally or unintentionally hit the coaster brake by pedaling backwards. The Captain then would control all braking functions and the passenger would pedal when they can and position the pedals where needed for greatest efficiency, but NOT apply a brake. If at some point in the future you wish to activate the coaster brake, all parts are there to do so and convert back to the standard function. SEE OPTION N21 in the options list to choose this configuration.

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Product Name: Electric Side by Side Team Dual Trike LIGHTNING Model THREE SPEED version SBST-3CB-HB-ENG
Frame Description: One-Piece Fully Welded Steel Frame, 14G 2 Oversized main frame with reinforced Gusseted 12 G cross axle rear, with dual welded Seat Support tracks
Rims: Exclusive WTC Industrial Clincher Rims with rolled edge. 50% thicker material then other bicycle rims.
Spokes: 11G (.120) Heavy Duty 36/wheel
Front Wheel: 20x2.125 Industrial Grade with integrated Electric Drive
Rear Wheel(s):24x 2.125 Industrial Grade
Hand Lever: Heavy Duty Ergonomic Brake lever with parking brake function located on steering tiller
Tires: WTC Sup-R-Tires, Diamond Tread. Kevlar Belted Tires, or White Wall Tires available as upgrades
Front Brake: caliper (Hand Activated)
Rear Brake: DUAL Shimano Nexus THREE SPEED Coaster brake with dual sprockets(Foot Activated). Each Rider has braking ability
Gearing: Standard; Dual THREE Gears with Dual Action Handlebar Mounted Thumb Shifters located on Steering Tiller. Each Rider can select the gear they desire.
Rear Axles: Dual 7/8 machined steel axles with Woodruff Key Drive System
Rear Axle bearings: FOUR Industrial Hanger Bearings with Heavy Duty Support plates
SEAT: DUAL 12 High Back Captains Seat 18 widex13 Deep x13 High thickly padded with Steel Base Pan and drainage holes. Adjustable back and forth on track . Each Rider can set the seat position independently. Swivel Down Armrests are optional. If you choose a single set of armrests, they are positioned on the outside of each seat. If two sets are ordered, each seat has an inside and outside rest. Armrests are strongly recommended for added support, comfort and safety.
Cranks: Dual One Piece forged crank 6.5
Front Sprockets: 32T 3/16" thick
Rear Axle Sprocket: Dual 20T welded onto Industrial Bushing
Chains: 1/2"x3/16
Pedals: 1/2" Resin Pedal with Boron Axle
Handlebar Tiller : Adjustable steering tiller can be tilted to adjust height. Steers side to side.
Grips: Extra Comfort High Density Foam
Rear Carrier: Wire Basket 18x13x6
Electric Drive System:
Motor: 800W Direct-Drive Hub Motor (6-bolt ISO disc brake compatible)
Power: 800-1000w peaks
Battery: Standard Lithium Ion 48W 10AH or Lithium Ion 48W 18AH for Longer Range
Wheel: USA Hand-Built Wheel w/ Heavy Duty Double-Walled/Eyeletted Rim & Steel Spokes
Hub Weight: 14 pounds
Warranted: 1 Year at 36v
Speed: Top Recommended Speed 10MPH Forward and 3MPH Reverse
Range: Range is between 10-20 Miles (rider weight, rider input and terrain contingent) *Rider weight, rider input,terrain, battery/motor combination contingent.
Charging Time: 4hrs - 8hrs (depending on battery and charger type)
RANGE: 10-20 + Miles with Normal Pedaling (Rider Weight, Rider Input and riding conditions contingent)
THROTTLE: Twist Throttle
BRAKES: Front Hand Caliper Brake and Rear Coaster (foot) Brakes

Results may vary
OAL: 73
OAW: 44.5"
Carrying Capacity: 600 Lbs**
Rider Size: Range of rider sizes from appx 51- 62 "
Factory Location: Conway SC USA

Many upgrades and choices are available to customize your Worksman Team Dual Trike.

Specifications are subject to change without notice as we constantly seek to improve Worksman Cycles

**Notes about Carrying Capacities: While other companies put unfounded inflated weight capacity figures based upon no facts, we at Worksman Cycles actually put weight capacities far less than the true capabilities of the cycles, as we take into consideration not only what the cycle will be able to hold, but what is a safe operational weight. Worksman Industrial Tricycles are simply more durable than other brands and have a 100+ year track record to prove it.

Electric Cycles are to be operated by people 18+ years old.

Lightning Electric Trikes
Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Electric Lightning " Trike SBST-3CB-HB - LIGHTNING Electric
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Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Electric Lightning " Trike SBST-3CB-HB - LIGHTNING Electric
We love it!
This side by side has really given my wife and I a great way to spend the day biking, but still be together and chat rather than yelling back and forth on separate bikes. We weren't expecting it to be so heavy, so can't imagine not having 3 speeds... Plus the electric assist is a godsend when we get tired or are going up a long grade. The engineering of this bike is well thought out with the split rear axle and easily adjustable seats and steering column. One item we didn't order that I am going to get - the second set of arm rests. I didn't think we would miss the inside rests but we did. If I could change one thing, it would be to add some sort of cruise control, or at the very least a thumb throttle. The twist throttle is tiring to hold over long periods. The electric assist is made by a third party manufacturer so not a workman issue. Last thing, a pie in the sky type request.... some sort of suspension option would be nice.
Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Electric Lightning " Trike SBST-3CB-HB - LIGHTNING Electric
Side By Side Electric Tandem
Built like a tank! We went 12 miles on one charge with intermediate pedaling on a flat surface. Lots of smiles and double takes from the other bikers on the trail. We had a few problems with the bike, but they took care of it. Excellent customer service! The welds are functional, not beautiful. Don't order the cup holders. Everything else was A-OK. Top speed is about 12 MPH. Handles moderate inclines with ease. Hills require pedal assist. We are happy with the bike overall. We both have issues with balance and this was a way to continue to ride and not worry about crashing.
Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Electric Lightning " Trike SBST-3CB-HB - LIGHTNING Electric
Best buy
I race bikes so this review might sound funny coming from me? But I should of got one of these a long time ago. What a great transportation. I love the elec. Motor. I build recumbent bikes and love them. Thus is much like them. It is nice to just stop a enjoy the scenery. In those very comfortable seats. It is so quiet you can hear the birds. Also very well thought out and quality built. I tried hard to tip it over and never got one wheel off the ground. Wow! Seems like we could ride this forever? Thanks for such a great product at a very good price.(well worth the money)
Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Electric Lightning " Trike SBST-3CB-HB - LIGHTNING Electric
Electric Assist Tandem
We have a bike rental shop in Iowa on the High Trestle Trail. This is our third Worksman. The electric assist will be very beneficial for people with challenges who need an occasional extra boost. The heavy duty worksmanship is a very important quality.

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