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Worksman Price Lists

Price List for Genuine Worksman Replacement Parts

It is critical to use Genuine Worksman Cycles Replacement parts to properly maintain your Worksman Cycle. Once you have identified the correct part # from the appropriate owners manual (see owners manual section), you can then find prices on the Parts Price List link below. Replacement parts are not currently sold on-line. To order, please call us Monday through Friday, 8:30-5:00 EST at 1-800-962-BIKE (800 962 2453). Our representatives will also gladly help you to identify the correct parts needed.

Price List for ALL Worksman Cycles - 2014

Download the complete Industrial and Business Cycles Brochure .

Download a copy of the Worksman Fleet Maintenance Chart.

Worksman Owner's Manuals

Product Manual for Adaptable Tricycles

Product Manual for Executive Tricycles

Product Manual for Eagle Tricycles

Product Manual for Industrial Bicycles (Newsboy, Newsgirl, Low Gravity)

+++Additional Insert for Low Gravity Bikes

Product Manual for M2020 Mover Tricycles

Product Manual for M2626 Mover Tricycles

Product Manual for Stretch Mover Tricycles

Product Manual for Side By Side Team Dual Trike

Product Manual for Personal Activity Vehicle (PAV3)

Product Manual for Port-O-Trike Adult Tricycles

Product Manual for Electric Port-O-Trike

Product Manual for FMB Folding Bike

Product Manual for Front Loaders

Product Manual for Stretch PAV

Product Manual for WTX Wide Track

Product Manual for TR16 and Junior Port-O-Trike

Product Manual for Tri-Tandem Trike

Product Manual for Tandem Bicycles

Product Manual for MG and MG-R

Product Manual for ICE CREAM Trikes

Worksman Upgrade/Options Guides

Upgrade Guide for Industrial Bicycles

Upgrade Guide for Adaptable Tricycles

Upgrade Guide for Port-O-Trike, Eagle, Executive

Upgrade Guide for Classic Cruiser

Upgrade Guide for Mover Tricycles

Upgrade Guide for Side by Side and PAV Trikes

Upgrade Guide for Dutchie Lite Cruiser

Shimano Nexus SG-3C41 Hub

How to adjust a Shimano 3 Speed Nexus Hub

Manuals from Shimano's Website
(Go to the SG-3C41 section.)
- In the red DM tab (Dealer Manual) look at pages 23-38 for installation and adjustment instructions.
- In the green UM tab (User Manual) you can find helpful information about using your hub.
- In the orange EV tab (Exploded View) you can see all of the parts of your hub.

Sturmey Archer 3-Speed Hub Information and Adjustments

This information will help you adjust your Sturmey Archer 3-Speed Hub. However, if you can get to a bike shop, we highly recommend doing that to have it professionally adjusted.

How to adjust a Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Hub:
Video 1 Video 2

How does a Sturmey Archer Hub work? (Informational - No adjustment info here.)

The links below apply whether you have a newer style hub with the large plastic housing that covers a plastic roller/pulley cable router, or if you have the older style that has a metal elongated axle nut with a hole at the end that a shifter chain runs through.

Instructions from Sturmey Archer

Product Assembly Videos

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